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:: vkaryl wrote ::
I can't make it behave with dual monitors OR my Hayes external modem...
I'm probably (based on looking at various fora around the net) going to install SUSE to see if the monitor and modem problems are solved....

Hi vkaryl,
Try posting your problem here:
Someone there should have a solution for you.
(good latin, btw :-)

:: jeffd wrote ::
To me, using two OSes for work doesn't make much sense, I do a lot of image processing at random intervals, and switching back and forth doesn't make sense.

Another Linux "weakness" is graphics.
Nothing comes close to Photoshop. Some say the Gimp is as good, but it's not. Also, there are some very good games for Linux, but again, there is still a big gap between Linux and Windows.
Hence, the need to "switch" between the two systems.
If I wasn't so broke, I'd have 2 computers; one Windows, one Linux.
And if I was rich, I'd probably have one box for every OS out there.
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I'm working on the "one box for every os" setup.... Once I manage to get into linux (whichever distro), I'll still have WinXP on my laptop. And I'm going to start actively looking for a good used mac after the first of the year.

A web design and management professional just can't NOT have some of all of the above.... this is one of those it IS broke you better fix it situations, I just can't justify asking people to look at sites for me....

Jeff, I did various searches on the kano fora for the hardware problems, found a lot of info about both, but none of it helped. Then of course it was hunting season and I wasn't home anyway.... and now it's "I'm buried in work" time, then the hols. So after the first of the year....
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This just in:

Microsoft bets business on Linux.
Source: ComputerWorld - Posted by: Pax Dickinson
Date: Friday, 04 November 2005
The next time Bill Gates sends an e-mail through Microsoft's shiny new Wireless LAN it will be
passed through a behind-the-scenes Linux-based network appliance. Earlier this year Microsoft and
Aruba Networks jointly announced the two companies will work to replace Microsoft's existing
Cisco wireless network with Aruba's centrally-managed infrastructure, which eliminates the need for
individual changes on the access points.
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Nice find, that's a good one. Only the insane would want to use Windows in any security or network appliance.

Re FreeBSD, read the Press release for FreeBSD 6 release:

:: Quote ::
~ Significant performance improvements to the filesystem and direct disk
access layers of the OS. The filesystem is now multithreaded and can
take full advantage of multiple CPU systems.
~ Expanded support for wireless networking adapters and new support for
the WPA wireless security protocol.
~ Experimental support for the PowerPC platform.

Sounding good, the wireless networking support definitely points to interest in Laptop and Desktop support, otherwise why bother?

Maybe I'll do a test install of that one of these days, but I'd rather just get my main box setup with some Kanotixes, probably 32 bit standard for regular work, and 64 bit for testing.

I'm also a fan of the a box for each OS, although me being me, it tends to be 3 or 4 OSes per box, old desktop has 3 linuxes, I'll probably redo that one and give it 3 or more linuxes and one or two windows, so I can test either when I'm in the other.

New 64 bit box has windows and will have kanotix once new kanotix release comes out, this box was built to support Kanotix.

Old laptop has windows 2000 and beatrix on one hard drive, and just beatrix on the other. Cool thing is that with Linux I can run a 20 gig drive even though bios says it only supports 8 gig, windows won't show > 8 gig, Linux shows whole thing.
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