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I thought that this program would solve all my problems but all it does is make them worse. Every time I get spyware or adware it makes me restart my computer to fix the problem. I would think that 1GB of RAM would be sufficient so that it would not interfere with other processes, but this program is terrible. It is like if it, itself is a virus. Any Suggestions? Would help me out tremendously Thanks!
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but this program [Norton Internet Security] is terrible. It is like if it, itself is a virus.

You've put this very well, Norton Internet Security is in fact just like a virus, it's the worst. Uninstall it, it's garbage.

I stuck with Norton for a few extra years even though I knew it was garbage, but I've finally started moving all clients, friends, and aquaintances off that piece of junk. Result? No more support calls, systems run better. There is nothing like watching performance plummet on a new machine immediately after installing norton products on it.

On the high end, nod32 is an excellent pro level choice, it's not cheap, but it's very good. That's what I use for small company networks now. If your data security is important to you, buy nod32.

For standard users, I now recommend AVG free edition, it's a very good product. When used in conjunction with something like zonealarm, it provides a completely adequate level of defense. These are nicely programmed applications that do not bog your system down the way norton does.

This home security library thread has more links.

If you're looking for a way to make a bad product like norton good, can't help you. By the way, Mcafee is also very bad.
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