error file \i386\c_437.nls could not be loaded installing xp
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I get a error
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file \i386\c_437.nls could not be loaded error code is 32768

any clue?
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There's very little information on that particular issue available, however, it sounds to me like one of two things might be happening:

You have a bad hard drive
The install CD is corrupted.

That file is part of the hardware profile from what I can see:
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The Hardware Profile/Last Known Good menu displays at this time if you pressed the spacebar or you have more than one hardware profile. After NTLDR finishes processing the hardware profile information, it clears the screen and displays information such as:


from the microsoft site

I would check the hard disk first, using a disk utility you can download from the hard disk manufacturor site, it's a disk image, you install it onto a floppy drive, then boot up with the floppy disk and run a hard disk check. That takes a while to do.

If the hard drive passes this test, and if you can boot into the computer using another os, something like knoppix, kanotix, or ubuntu live linux cd is good to test the computer to see if it's actually working right, doesn't install onto the hard drive, just boots into ram, but if there's a hardware issue on your machine it wont' be able to boot.

If the machine passes all these tests my guess is the xp install cd is corrupted.
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