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If you haven't heard of Cygwin, give it a look. Here's a Newsforge review.

A unix guy I know always installed this first thing when he had to do work on a Windows box. Why? Well, because he had to do work, LOL.

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For those of us who prefer our slashes forward and our source open, Cygwin offers a Linux-like environment for the Windows platform. Cygwin gives you both that Linux look and feel, and an API that provides POSIX system call functions. This allows you not only to raise your environmental comfort level, but also gives you the ability to port existing Linux applications to your Windows/Cygwin system, or write new applications that take advantage of the best from both worlds.

Not a bad option, although I kind of suspect most people who would ever benefit from having this set of tools already knows all about Cygwin, but just in case you don't, check it out.
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