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post install questions...
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Hi, wish I'd read this before installing. Some questions. linux noob by the way. I chose ext3. Can I change this easily? Why do you suggest ReiserFS? Also, I had a seperate partion for home from a previous linux install. How can I 'move' home to this? Lastly, I'm prepared to reinstall if easier. thanx in advance.
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Hi Npaulz, good questions.

You can get directions for installing /home onto a different partition on the kanotix wiki.

Re reiserFS versus ext3:

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The benefits reiser has is, because it was developed as an actual journalling filesystem (in contrast to ext3, which was pretty much an afterthought), is checking the FS integrity etc takes a lot less time. (So on startup, manual checks etc will be a lot faster). Benchmarks also show reiser as one of the fastest FS's for most types of disk access. src

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ext3 is the "half" of a journaling filesystem mentioned above. Why half? It is a layer atop the traditional ext2 filesystem that does keep a journal file of disk activity so that recovery from an improper shutdown is much quicker than that of ext2 alone. But, because it is tied to ext2, it suffers some of the limitations of the older system and therefore does not exploit all the potential of the pure journaling filesystems. src

ReiserFS has become mature over the last few years, in 2000 or thereabouts it was new, but now the kinkks etc have been worked out. It's safer, more efficient, faster.

No, you can't change filesystems without a reinstall, I'd reinstall. I've been using ReiserFS with no problems at all, the one I'd avoid is Reiser4, that's still a little bit too new, although it solves a few of the weaknesses present in ReiserFS, but those won't impact you at all.

Oh, and welcome to the forums
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