Not sure how basic a question this is but.....
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I'm pretty much a nerd and when it comes to my computer (running XP) I like to figure things out for myself...and I usually do alright:) But, I've ran across something which I just can't figure out nor can I find the information that I want.

So all that to say this, a few months ago I was having trouble with my PC...malware, adware, etc. and someone mentioned to me that I might look in my yacs. log to see what might be going I did and eventually figured out the problem. What I couldn't figure out though was in the yacs .log I CANNOT READ THE DATES AND TIMES LISTED FOR THE ACTIVITIES.....I can't find that date format anywhere! I'll post a sampling of the strings below.

I realize this isn't a huge problem...and I probably really don't need to know...but I just like to know stuff, useless or not!

So...if anyone knows how to decipher the format, please please please let me know! I'm spending waaaay too much work-time looking for this info!! If you don't help me, I could get fired!! ;p

Part of my log:
I 05-142006.140000 250 flags=codec
I 05-142006.140000 250 8.000 kHz, 16 Bit, Mono (tag=1)
I 05-142006.140000 250 chan=1 rate=8000 bitrate=128000 blksize=2 width=16
I 05-142006.140000 250 Audio format: chan=1 rate=8000 bitrate=128000 blksize=2 width=16
I 05-142006.140000 250 Frame-size=1440 (port=1440 comp=96) time=90000
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Hi Jen, welcome to the forums. That is indeed a geeky question, that's the yahoo audio conferencing log, I couldn't find anything about the format of the data, so no better luck than you had.

That information is probably available somewhere, in the technical specifications of the log files, but it doesn't seem to be readily available. You'd probably have to find the yahoo developer's page, if it's accessible, to find out exactly how to read that log format.

Anyway, we'll see if anyone out there knows the answer to this most obscure of obscure quesions, LOL..

If I was going to take a guess, I'd say it's this:

I = some data type
05 = year
-14 = some type of data id
20 = day of month
06 = month
.14 = data id repeated
0000 = extra data
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