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MagicSLR Get All mail toolbar button
If you're like me, you have a lot of email accounts setup. I finally got sick of clicking the down arrow next to Mozilla Thunderbird's 'get mail' button to download all my emails from all my account at once [I use a global inbox with filters etc].

As usual with open source projects, if something bugs you, it has probably bugged someone else enough to solve the issue, and this case is no difference.

There's an excellent German made extension, MagicSLR that adds some more buttons to the 'customize toolbar' button list, one of them is 'Get All'. Simply right click toolbar after installing the xpi, select customize, then drag the 'get all' button to the toolbar, then click OK and your problems are solved. Great work guys.

Empty Junk Email Folder Context Menu Item
The next pet peeve I had was having to manually delete all the junk mail in my junk email folder, then empty the trash can. That itch is also scratched by someone, grab Delete Junk Context Menu extension, which adds an item to your right click context menu options to delete the contents of the junk folder. Very nice, one less thing to deal with.

I'd forgotten that Thunderbird, like Firefox, has taken a very minimalist approach to the base software, leaving extensions to handle the user specific requirements like these.

Set Thunderbird Default Startup Folder
There's another nice one I've been using a long time, Folder Pane Tools. This lets you assign a different default folder for Thunderbird to open up on, just like you can do with Outlook Express. There's a thread on Mozillazine that willl answer any question you might have. Note, this extension works fine in Thunderbird 1.0.x even if it says some places that it doesn't. Just make sure to use the download page I linked to to grab your xpi.

Installing Extensions on Thunderbird
With all of these, the easiest way to install them is to download them all, save them to some folder for your tbird extensions, then use the extension installer, reachable by clicking tools, extensions, then clicking the 'install' button. As usual with extensions, it's a good idea to install one at a time, then close tbird, restart it, then install the next one.

You can browse the complete list of Thunderbird Email Client Extensions here. Note that not all extensions available are located there, but it's a good start.
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