Installing Slax on your USB flash drive
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There's a brief tutorial on how to install slax linux on your usb flash drive.

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Slax is a powerful and complete bootable distro based on Slackware, equipped with kernel 2.6, ALSA sound drivers, Wi-Fi card support, X11-6.8.2 with support for many GFX cards and wheel mice, and KDE 3.4. Slax uses the Unification File System (also known as unionfs), which enables you to write whatever you want into the pen drive. Bundled software includes KDE, the KOffice office suite, GAIM for chat, the Thunderbird email client, and the Firefox Web browser.

You can grab whichever version you want from slax linux and see for yourself.

Some sort of obvious things if you havne't tried this before, don't waste your time with usb 1, it takes forever, stick to usb 2, which will drop noticeably which machines you can run this from.
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