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Could some of you clever fellows check this site in Opera 7+ and 8, please:

The problem appears when one zooms (with the + key) Opera to >150% at 800x600, or >250% at higher resolutions.... at that point, the left sidebar partially "disappears" on the left side of the screen, and Op's scroll bar, while there, does not move left far enough for the whole viewport to encompass the page.

I'm pretty sure it's stupidity on my part, but I can't seem to figure out what to tweak to fix it, and I'm not finding anything searching!

Thanks in advance....
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Looks like another one for the Does Opera 8 still suck thread.

I checked your code, looks fine, no errors I can see, perfect validation, it's just when Opera does certain things in clever ways they get a little bit too clever for their own good. also had display issues with Opera full screen, so don't feel bad, you're in good company [check that link out, load the page in Opera, then hit the F11 key, it's a radically spectacular rendering failure, valid code, invalid browser]. Like with your code, validates perfectly, zero error, except in Opera.

The only way I can think to hack around it is to use fixed widths, on the left and content divs, my guess is that should solve the problem. I noticed you're using min-width and width on the container div, since both are 750px that's pointless, might be confusing opera, hard to say. If you set the divs to have fixed widths the problem may go away. I happen to have a wordpress installation going, I checked it real quick, I used ems for the info bar thing, and % widths for the container, and don't have that issue in Opera, but that's why I hate Opera, I actually try to find out how to make stuff work in it, which is a pain.

the way I did it was to make the container 90%, like these forums, then make the info bar sized by ems, but percents of that container would probably work fine too. I think what opera is doing is expanding.... no, forget it, I have no idea what Opera is doing, their bugs are too weird to comprehend.

<update>I found it I think, it's this piece, that's too clever for Opera:
:: Code ::

Dump that, use margin:0 auto; instead, then use the IE < 6 hack of body{ text-align:center;} to get the thing centered in IE < 6, if you care about that. Otherwise just go with centering it the normal way, my guess that's what's causing the issue.

It looks like what's happening is that Opera, when you use the + button, is taking an absolutely pixel sized box and simply expanding it proportionally, so when you combine this expansion with your command to position the container 50%, the larger box obeys this command, thus pushing past the left edge of the screen, since at say 800 px screen width, if it's at 150% size, that's 1200 px screen width, and 50% of 1200 is 600px, which runs off the screen.

This is one reason I'm not really that fond of Opera's way of expanding its boxes with +, I prefer the Firefox way of just expanding the text, although I really hated it at first.
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Yup, that was pretty much it.... that's what happens when someone else says "oh, you need to be doing THIS, instead of THAT...."

So this is my <body> setup now:

body {
background: #D2DCE3 url(images/bkg.jpg) repeat fixed 0 0;
color: #202B33;
font-family:Trebuchet MS, Verdana, Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

and this is the main container:

#maincontainer {
padding: 0;
width: 750px;
margin-left: auto;
margin-right: auto;

and everybody's playing nice now. Thanks. I do appreciate the time you took with this!
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