Good Cannolis on the West Coast :: Romolos Cannoli Factory
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Although I haven't tried this place, I think it's probably very good, run by nice old Italian couple.

Ever since spending some time on the east coast, the one thing I really miss is having an Italian bakery right down the street from me. While Romolos in San Bruno California isn't what I'd call right down the street, it's close enough to at least grab some for special occasions. A good cannoli is hard to beat.

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Romolo's Cannoli and Spumoni Factory
81 37th Ave San Mateo, CA 94403(650) 574-0625 specializes in daily made cannoli and spumoni for local restaurants and also consumers who drop in. Also serves ice cream.

These are handmade, even the filling is handmade, that's a big plus, on the east coast most canollis are made from prefab shells and filling, still a nice cheap treat, but not quite hand made. As is appropriate, they don't seem to have a website, which is great, why would they waste time doing that when they can be making cannolis...

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