retreive the value of the radio button
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How do I retrieve the values of the selected radio button.

My html is as follows:

<input type=radio name=sel value=’testA’ id=13A onclick=test();>

<input type=radio name=sel value=’testB’ id=13B onclick=test();>

This statement always retrieves the first radio button which is testA

The ids are different, so what is the syntax to retrieve the values by id.

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If you are using javascript, you have to use a slightly different method for extracting data from radio button lists:

:: Code ::
for (i = 0;  i < theForm.sel.length;  i++)
   if (theForm.sel[i].checked)
   alert( theForm.sel[i].value );

theForm would be the name of the form.

You're getting the first item in the radio button array because you're not looping through it is my guess.
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