Article on Google's Local Rank Algo Patent
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You'll want to give this article a read. It deals with how Google may be delivering its current results, using a combination of the old Page Rank and a new Local Rank, which results in what's called 'the sandbox'. Well worth some thought.

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The LocalScore, or Local Rank, is both a filter and a ranking mechanism. It only considers pages among the 1000 or so selected by the PR.

1. The first step in calculating Local Rank for a page is to locate all pages that have outbound links to this page. All pages among the top 1000 that is.

2. Next, all pages that are from the same host as this page or from "Similar or affiliated hosts" gets thrown away. Yes. By comparing any two documents within the set, the one having the smallest PR will always be thrown away, until there is only one document left from the (quote) "same host or similar" as the document that is currently being ranked.

Definitely food for thought, my SEO friends....
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