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Good read here, at

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On the other hand, this was a blessing. The attacker blatantly announced himself when he could have easily installed a small-footprint root kit and hidden in the trenches of my system sucking confidential customer and network information. To reduce the possibility of this kind of attack, I highly advise making use of system integrity software such as chkrootkit and tripwire daily. These programs help detect stealthy intrusions. Other signs of a system in jeopardy may be log files that appear to have been spontaneously erased and unfamiliar occurrences in root's ~/.bash_history file.

Lots of good information there, check it out if you are doing Linux web server administration. Don't fall into the trap of thinking you are secure just because you're on linux, if you've checked out the daily Hacked reports on a site like, you'd know that's false security.
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