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I want to create a collage of around 200 pictures. Not anything special. I was just wondering if somebody could tell me how to get 200 pictures into a single picture (like lined up in a grid). I am sure there is some easy way but I can't seem to figure it out.
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It all depend on what software you're using. If you have photo shop, there are certain things you can do, but none of them are that fast.

If the images are not already sized the way you want them to be, you can use the automated 'file -> automate -> web photo gallery' feature to quickly resize all the images to the proper size, that creates a bunch of useless html and thumbnails too, you can just dump those and then use the images.

If your images are already sized, and ready to be placed on the canvas, I don't know of any automatic way to do that, although I'm sure that there is probably some little application out there that does exactly that. You can read this tutorial that might help you get some pointers and ideas. That's with Photoshop. But 200 images are still going to need to be inserted onto the working canvas, I guess you could make a batch file, but then you'd need to learn to do that, probably faster just to do it by hand is my guess. This is tutorial, might be of use.

Usually when I do graphics stuff I just do most of it by hand, except for things like resizing large numbers of pictures at once with the above method, for me it takes longer to learn the shortcuts than it does to do the job by hand, :-)
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