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Just what you all needed, open source meal and recipe planners.

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Both Gourmet Recipe Manager and PHPRecipeBook more than adequately fulfill the basic needs of adding, editing, and sharing recipes and generating shopping lists. I wouldn't say that either of these programs is better than the other; they're just different. For a local user who wants a simple desktop application, Gourmet will certainly suffice. For multi-user environments and for the ability to generate meal plans, PHPRecipeBook is a great application. newsforge.com

Now your desktop is complete. Gourmet Recipe Manager is available for either linux or windows. PHPrecipeBook is a web based application and needs Apache and MySQL to run, but will then be available online.
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Okay - once I'm really "all back together" (you do NOT want to know....), I'm trying both of these (currently use NYC which is a marvel for Windows), and will report back....
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