EyeTracking Study verifies the importance of serp position
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A recent study shows the importance of having top 5 position in the SERPs. Also highly effective are the top of page ads in search engines, the ones above the natural serps. The paid links to the right were much less effective, getting only about 50% of user's attention.

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A joint eye tracking study conducted by search marketing firms Enquiro and Did-it.com and eye tracking firm Eyetools has shown that the vast majority of eye tracking activity during a search happens in a triangle at the top of the search results page indicating that the areas of maximum interest create a “golden triangle.

In a way, it's not surprising to read this study, it simply confirms what has been known for a while, top 3 is best, top 5 is ok, and 11-13 are probably in some ways better than 8-10.

Here are the numbers for the top 10 positions:
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Organic Ranking Visibility
(shown in a percentage of participants looking at a listing in this location)

Rank 1 - 100%
Rank 2 - 100%
Rank 3 - 100%
Rank 4 - 85%
Rank 5 - 60%
Rank 6 - 50%
Rank 7 - 50%
Rank 8 - 30%
Rank 9 - 30%
Rank 10 - 20%

An interesting study, without any doubt. Unfortunately, this can only make the competition for those top spots even more intense as time passes.
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