EditPlus on Linux using WINE
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I really like EditPlus. In fact, it's my favorite text editor. I've used it for years, never had to upgrade, it did almost everything I needed. Plus I have customized HTML and XHTML template files and html shortcut clips, so setting up all that again on a new editor isn't that fun.

Plus Edit Plus is still one of the very few text editors out there that supports multiple line search and replace natively, with no bugs.

I've been using KATE a little bit, that's the Linux KDE text editor, it's a pretty good product, and has some interesting features that EditPlus is lacking.

But why change if you don't have to? I decided to try and see if Edit Plus would run under WINE, the windows API system for Linux. And it does, perfectly, from what I can see anyway so far.

For those that want to check out an Edit Plus like program without paying the license, you can download Crimson Editor, which is a very nice clone of edit plus, with a little less functionality.
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