Mplayer add ons for wm, rm and dvd playing
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These addons will make your media player support most modern streaming file types:

:: Code ::
apt-get install mplayer-686 mplayer-doc mplayer-fonts qt6codecs
avifile-win32-plugin faad libdivxencore0 libdvdcss0 w32codecs

//Now say you want to rip dvds and encode them with as many options as possible?

apt-get install video-dvdrip subtitleripper

I still have to find an apt repository that has those available.

You can use these apt repositories currently to get most of these:
:: Code ::
deb sid main
deb etch main
deb sarge main
deb-src unstable main

Ubuntu also has a tutorial page on media types

And this ubuntu forum thread lists a bunch more media apps you can probably find on apt as well as that proprietary tool they talk about.

Note, here's the deb repository maintainer's website
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