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Quick note on kdar backup

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KDar is the KDE Disk Archiver. It is a convenient graphical interface to Denis Corbin's libdar archiving and backup C++ library. You can safely backup (with compression if you like), view and restore files using KDar, along with a few easy UNIX commands for mounting and burning CD-R's, Zip and Jazz drives, DVD-R's, floppies, or any other disk-based storage media.

KDar is also a convenient and safe way of archiving your images, sourcecode, emails, and configuration files. In addition, you can use an archive of your data as a reference for making incremental backups of that data.

KDar allows you to split the backup into slices whose size match the capacity of your storage media.

Apparently it's going to jump up to version 3.0 from 1.2, and that new version will have fixed some bugs, especially the bug that doesn't allow restoring individual files from a backup. Big bug I'd say. But at some point if you're going to Linux you're going to have to start collecting the tools to do your work. I don't know if this is a good tool or not, there may be better ones out there, I'll keep looking.
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