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I found this nice product, it's freeware, dbPowerAmp. You can convert file formats, to and from mp3's, wma files, rm, mp4, ogg, and a wide variety of others. You will need the proper codecs installed for most of the others, including wma, real media, ogg vorbis etc. You can download the codecs you need on the dbPowerAmp site.

Note: you must install the codecs you need in order to convert audio files into that format.

This is a nice little tool, it works, and it does what I needed it to do without me having to spend a few hundred dollars on a product like sound forge. You have to register it to get the full official MP3 ripping license, but there are other options for that if you don't need it.

Check the site out, there's more audio formats than you probably knew existed, and you can convert to them all, except I think quicktime, but you can convert to the new ipod formats as well. A very good resource, I'm really glad I found this guy, he deserves a round of applause. Too bad it's not open sourced, but freedom is also about having the freedom to decide whether or not you want your software open sourced I think. I'm asked to do quite a bit of audio conversion, now I finally have the right tool for the job.

I am coming to appreciate more and more the old unix philosophy of modular design, small tools made to do just a few things, but to do them very well. There are exceptions to this, but I'm finding the longer I do this kind of work, the fewer of them there are, for example, I barely use Office suites any more, except to open client documents.

I think I might have to register my copy, that's how he makes money off it, but it's totally voluntary, but he's already saved me a big chunk of time and headache, next audio job I get this guy gets some money.
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