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Before submitting your post, make sure the following information is included.

1. Provide output of inxi -bGxxz from a working kernel, Liquorix preferred when possible. Enclose the output of this command with [code] tags.

2. Provide relevant stack traces and logs. These can be kernel logs (dmesg or journalctl -k), build logs (from DKMS for example), or something similar. Your system can be booted with loglevel=7 to increase the chance useful information is printed during boot if no output is available.

3. Test your system with an equivalent non Liquorix kernel. For example, if your problem is with a Liquorix 6.4.1 kernel, try running Xanmod or Zen Kernel with a comparable version to determine if your problem is with upstream Linux or Liquorix.

4. If you're running nvidia graphics, make sure the version installed is compatible with the version of Liquorix you have installed. This will explain most display issues on Ubuntu / Debian systems.

5. Stable / LTS distributions have old DKMS packages that are not patched to support new kernels, you will need to seek out new versions or upgrade / change your distribution to support your out-of-tree drivers.

5a. For Ubuntu users, a well maintained PPA is available to get early access to the latest nvidia drivers:

5b. For Debian, you don't really have any good options outside of backporting from experimental or unstable: I recommend you change distributions if you want to run Liquorix and have an nvidia card.

And last, if your post can be summarized with: "I tried nothing and I'm out of ideas", then please re-evaluate if you've performed your due diligence before hitting "submit".

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in your post being overlooked or this README being linked back to you as a reminder.
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