[INVALID] BMQ / PDS Scheduler not working?
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I think in kernel series 6.2 BMQ/PDS Scheduler is not working as intended.

I have noticed this with other kernels as well like TKG and Cachyos

In older Kernel versions like 5.15.x BMQ/PDS for example

In Game -> Shadow of Mordor Benchmark I was getting 1050 MAX FPS

In kernel 6.2.x I am getting like 525 MAX FPS
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Aside from the fact that there's a lot of missing information here, most likely there's something that changed on your system. Anything can change between a kernel released 2 years ago and one made in the last few weeks. including your GPU drivers, system OS updates, pretty much everything.

Just out of curiosity though, I booted into linux-zen and compared benchmark numbers and confirmed Liquorix is performing great, maybe better than ever. Maybe you should change the title to BMQ / PDS working better than expected?

Below is on ultra settings at 1080p. Both kernels are using the acpi-cpufreq performance governor.

Zen: (linux-zen 6.2.12.zen1-1)
- Min: 118
- Max: 396
- Avg: 250

Liquorix: (linux-lqx 6.2.12.lqx1-3)
- Min: 141
- Max: 492
- Avg: 263

- CPU: Ryzen 5950x (16c/32t)
- GPU: Radeon 6700xt 12gb
- Mem: 64gb 3600mhz CL14 (4x16)

All that matters is that Liquorix is performing great in comparison to other enthusiast or stock kernels running the same major version. If kernel 6.2 is slower than 5.15 across the board, that's a general upstream regression and this isn't the right place to report.

Will mark this issue as invalid for now unless you provide more useful information and measurements.
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