Cut down on Outlook Spam with SpamBayes
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While Outlook has a really pathetically sad spam filter, you can help yourself by trying out some more advanced plugins for Outlook.

If you read this thread, and the documentation linked to, you could well be on your way to a much less spam filled future.

The plugin used is by SpamBayes, an Open Source project that is working to free you of your spam. For free, too.

Note: This plugin only works for Outlook, not Outlook Express. There are slightly more complicated methods you can use to set up spam filtering without using the plugin, read the spambayes site for more information.

Of course if you were using some other open source products like Thunderbird Email Client you wouldn't need this plugin, you'd already have real spam filters working for you.

And if you had been using Firefox Browser, you probably wouldn't have nearly as much spyware and junk on your computer as you do now.
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