configure / compile kernel for latency-performance (tuned adm style)
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I need the cpu frequency at 100% max and constantly available for latency/cpu sensitive workloads. Typically, i'd use tuned-adm and call it a day but im on openrc and dont plan on using systemd, which tuned-adm is based on. I tried setting _makemenuconfig=y and hoping to find a full premptive RT model but nope. Any suggestions? My only other option is to compile a with the full premptive model, but im on the artix distro and the only available kernels are zen, linux stable, and most recently lqx.
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Well first of all, Liquorix defaults to the performance governor, which leaves your CPU at 100%. This doesn't allow maximum boosting at all times though, that's handled in the CPU hardware with information from motherboard on VRM.

As for preempt RT, I don't recommend going down that route. It requires a lot of invasive kernel patches and it's incompatible with most out-of-tree kernel modules. A good example is the proprietary nvidia driver, you can look at this recent thread for more information:
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I couldn't tell if you were already aware of this, but "lqx" is the Liquorix kernel:

I think it likely that an RT kernel PKGBUILD for Arch already exists, too.
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