5.15 kernel for debian?
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On some website it is said that Liquorix gives binary of 5.15 kernel for debian. But I do not find one.
apt search linux-image show nothing like 5.15 kernel but 5.19
So does Liquorix still providing 5.15 binary now?
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Go to liquorix.net/ follow the directions, you have to add the repo and keys of course, Liquorix is not in core Debian.
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5.15 is an LTS kernel, Liquorix only builds for the latest stable. Deb file artifacts are not kept due to cost of storage.
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There are older kernels preserved in the MX ahs repo, including 5.15. MX21 is Bullseye, 19 is built on Buster: mxrepo.com/mx/repo/pool/ahs/l/linux-liquorix/
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