AMD Renoir Firefox video playback issues since 5.17.0-4.1
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I'm not really sure if this is the right place to post this, but ever since 5.17.0-4.1, I haven't been able to play videos in Firefox ESR 91.8.0 (YouTube, Rumble, etc.). Everything loads up fine, but the video is frozen.

I'm using Debian Bullseye on a Thinkpad T14 AMD Gen1, which has a Ryzen 4750u GPU with integrated graphics.

5.17.0-3.2 and earlier versions do not have this problem.

The same happens on this demo site:
It detects Widevine but video doesn't play. I've also disabled the Widevine plugin and it has no impact - video playback only works on earlier kernel versions.

Comparing output of dmesg looking for amdgpu and drm, the output is identical, there are no errors reported. I'm really not sure where to start trying to figure this out.

Any help to point me in the right direction would be appreciated.
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Can you reproduce on the latest version of Chrome and Firefox? You can use Firefox Developer Edition as a stand-in for the latest so your profile isn't updated a backwards incompatible way:

And on my end, everything works. VA-API support will break sometimes between releases requiring me to disable it but that's a step above nothing working at all.

Also another thing to check is if your audio is broken. If your audio output is broken in some way, videos will refuse to play depending on the breakage.
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Thank you for the suggestions and for the tip for using newer FF without messing up my profile.

Chromium seems to work without issues.

I have tried the latest Firefox Developer Edition, which initially did not work, then after some retries, it seemed to work, then it stopped working again.

When you mentioned the sound problem, I wanted to be sure everything was fine, so I opened pavucontrol. As long as pavucontrol was open, all the Firefox tests would work most of the time (both my FF ESR and Developer Edition stand-alone). As soon as I close pavucontrol, things no longer work.

Basically, it seems almost random, but if I were to try and identify a pattern, it would be the following:

1) close pavucontrol
2) open firefox, go to
3) press play, doesn't work
4) open pavucontrol, press play, doesn't work. But the audio stream appears in the Playback tab.
5) press pause, restart pavucontrol, press play, works

1) open pavucontrol
2) open firefox, go to video site
3) press play, everything works, audio stream appears in Playback tab
4) close pavucontrol
5) press play, no need to refresh, doesn't work
6) open pavucontrol
7) press play, it works again.

Again, not sure what the connection to pavucontrol is, but it seems that if the stream starts playing while pavucontrol is closed, it will fail.

This all seems very random to me, but maybe to someone else, there could be some hints hidden in here.

--- EDIT: removed part about Qobuz not working, that works fine, I had an autoplay setting which was preventing it from working proerply.
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