Liquorix 5.16.0-15-2 will not boot via rEFInd
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Hi there. I'm on KDE Neon installed to a BTRFS with a custom subvolume scheme for manual snapshotting, and I'm looking to try out Liquorix in hopes of fixing a specific gaming issue I'm experiencing.

I like to use rEFInd for a quick graphical boot menu. I'm normally able to boot the kernel directly via a simple manual boot stanza that points at /boot/vmlinuz, but Liquorix just straight up does not boot through rEFInd. It prints an error: "Error: Not Found while loading vmlinuz". Of course, that tells us next to nothing, but that is the message I receive. It does work if I chainload into GRUB and then Liquorix.

When I look at /boot/ in Dolphin, it sees the vmlinuz from Neon's default kernel and the vmlinuz from Liquorix as different file types and gives them different icons. I have no idea if that has anything to do with why rEFInd won't boot it, but I thought I'd share it in case it's helpful. If I look at the config files for the two different versions in KDiff3, there's so many that I have no idea where to start in pinpointing why rEFInd won't boot it.

Thanks for your time.
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I'm not familiar with rEFInd, but looking for your error online, it most likely has to do with something in your configuration. For example, here's someone who got the same error on Arch:

Although "Not Found" is a uninformative error, it appears to point to either a missing mount point or maybe missing module to load the mount point. Perhaps your initramfs doesn't have the modules necessary to load your filesystem at boot? If you can force it, maybe try statically adding btrfs and see if that helps.
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