What does Liquorix do with wifi drivers that other kernels don't?
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So I've been using Liquorix on my laptop for a month or two. I know it isn't really meant for laptops, but this is the only way I've gotten my wifi to work. Xanmod doesn't work, and none of the Ubuntu mainline kernels available for 20.04 work. My wifi worked fine on 18.04, so this is a recent development. So, is there any way I can somewhat straightforwardly get whatever magic makes my wifi work in the mainline kernel, or is there a way to get mainline's battery life on Liquorix? Either solution would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Show inxi -bnxxxz

that will give the needed info.
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We'll need your hardware data from inxi to understand why your wifi works on Liquorix, but not mainline or XanMod. My theory is it's probably more likely the fact that Liquorix tracks upstream updates more closely means a fix landed in 5.7 that's in Liquorix that mainline hasn't backported yet.

As for battery life, Liquorix sets the default governor to performance, and it disables intel_pstate in preference for acpi_cpufreq. If you want to use intel_pstate, you can pass intel_pstate=enable in your kernel parameter, and if you're running an Intel chip, that'll get you some decent gains in battery life (at cost of responsiveness).

Now, if you're on an AMD CPU or you just want to stick with the tuned ondemand scheduler of acpi_cpufreq, you can get better battery life by raising up_threshold to a value over 90 in /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/ondemand. As far as I know, both TLP and LMT don't support setting this value automatically, so you'll need to do it yourself.

And that brings me to the final thing. If you're on a laptop, you do have TLP installed at least, right? It's nearly a given that if you're running Linux on a laptop, you use TLP to aggressively tune knobs on your system to reduce power consumption while on battery. TLP is my preference at the moment since it supports intel_pstate better than LMT (laptop mode tools), and from my experience, I don't get the sense that LMT that well maintained anymore.

But that's my two cents. Still waiting on details of your wifi chip so we can get a better idea of what's different on Liquorix vs XanMod/mainline.
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