New buster install, several questions
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I just installed buster from netinst CD, wiped all the cr#p from failed dist-upgrade, installed base + KDE from smxi, still no desktop.
Attempted sgfxi, will not install nvidia because nouveau needs to be removed first, tried
:: Code ::
apt purge nouveau

could not find nouveau package.
Question: how to remove nouveau?
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You just showed why reinstalls are not a good idea to solve this type of issue, you are hitting whatever cause you hit last time.

I made sgfxi to handle this type of support issue, and honestly, I'm kind of over wanting to do it case by case anymore.

You're doing something wrong, but I can't tell you what it is, sgfxi removes the blacklists or adds them, that's part of its process, so you are doing something that is not correct, or something has changed fundamentally.

Rather than flailing around like this hoping for some better outcome, why not try being more methodical?

Does nvidia work?

If not, why not?

Don't proceed to other steps until you verify the failure points to the last.

The way you're approaching this isn't supportable, sorry.

When you hit a problem, find out the cause, then find out the solution, and do all the research required to do that.

Given you've now hit something that sounds strangely familiar twice in a row on two installs, I'm guessing you're doing something odd.

Note, in my first set of responses, I told you EXACTLY what you needed to do!!! FIND OUT YOUR EXACT HARDWARE!!!

stop playing around like this, you've been at this for ages, I'm sorry, but that's all I've got for you.

If apt is failing to do a requested action, then you may have become root wrong, but I can't go through every single thing that can be done wrong in a case like this hoping one of them will register or be right, that's why I made smxi/sgfxi in the first place, to try to make support scaleable.

Note that there is no such thing as a nouveau package, that's the driver name.

And purging it won't add blacklists, etc.

apt-cache search nouveau, but that won't help you since you're just guessing, and are just in a loop of doing the same thing wrong over and over and expecting different results.

I would suggest that Debian is not for you, a lot of the things that you are stumbling on are basic debian system admin stuff, which you should have learned a long time ago, so it may just be that ubuntu or something like that is a better fit for you.
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