inxi reports uninstalled X driver is X driver in use
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Comment 5 in (where I am not the OP, nor can I reproduce) suggests $SUBJECT, that the loaded/in use X driver is nouveau, while its provider package, xf86-video-nouveau, is not installed. Assuming both zypper and inxi commands were run on the same boot, how could this be possible? Some kind of Gnome quirk? A stale initrd hangover? An inxi bug?
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Not an inxi bug, the device shows the driver as nouveau, and the xorg driver shows as nouveau, therefore it is logical to assume that the driver is in fact nouveau.

I'd put the least weight on what the package report shows since if nouveau were not installed, yet xorg attempted to load it with failure, it would show as failed, but it loaded and xorg seems happy to indicate that nouveau is running.

I'd look elsewhere for the problem.

Technically you can post their entire /var/log/Xorg.0.log but as long as the inxi version is current, or reasonably so, there should be no issue. All the data there is consistent.
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