FreeBSD basic setup
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Starting with a basic no X vm image:

1. boot
2. login as root [no password]
3. set hostname with: hostname [name]
then in /etc/rc.conf:
4. check if pkg is present, if not, use bootstrap
# /usr/sbin/pkg
starts pkg installer
# pkg install nano
4. install ssl and certificates
# pkg install openssl
# pkg install ca_root_nss
5. install irssi and perl
pkg install perl5
pkg install irssi
6. create user, make sure to add user to group wheel or you will not be able to su to root!!
# adduser <username>
answer questions: add <user> to other groups? [type in group wheel]
7. install x, dm, wm
# pkg install xorg-server
# pkg install mesa-demos
# pkg install slim
# pkg install openbox
# pkg install fluxbox
8. edit /etc/rc.conf add slim_enabled=yes

9. adding ports:
# portsnap fetch
# portsnap extract
go to /usr/ports/[path to program]
then run:
# make install clean

10. glxinfo
# pkg install mesa-demos
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