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Hello all,

I'm just wondering what the best antivirus for a Mac is at the moment?

I am currently using Intego, but feel as though there could be better options out there and would like to get some expert advice and opinions.

The nature of my job is to visit hundreds of websites daily, some unsafe, and I need to also enter client information so I want to ensure that it is being protected. Are there any added precautions I can take to ensure that this data is safe?

I'm looking for a system that will allow different layers of protection for company data, client data and financial information, almost as in protection within protection. Just to be safe.

I look forward to hearing your ideas.
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Your question makes no sense at all.

Antivirus protects a system, or tries to, against malware. This has nothing to do with the granular stuff you're talking about.

It sounds like you are more concerned about spyware on the browser.

Technically speaking, since I'd never trust anything written for a mac, if you're truly concerned about security, I'd be browsing in virtual machines, where each time you access a questionable site, you simply take a snapshot prior, then restore from snapshot after. I'd also not use Safari, I'd use Chrome, which consistently is placed best in terms of actual security against web site attacks. If Nod32 or BitDefender made an antivirus for mac that would be my first bet.

Of course, if you were actually really concerned about security, you'd be using the chrome version supported on BSDs, and you'd be running OpenBSD, or even better, one of the high security live cds that dump all the data from each session.
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