Is PHP 7.1 compatible with PHP Browser Detection script?
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I was wondering if anyone here has tested PHP Browser detection 5.8.0 with PHP 7.1?

I am planning to update the php running on my server but I need to check if PHP Browser detection will continue to run smoothly first.

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Why wouldn't it be? Test it and see, that will take you a few minutes. Unlike other languages that like to insult PHP, php is made by adults who respect things like stability and long term support for features, plus years of deprecation warnings for features that will be removed. If it wasn't triggering deprecation warnings on 5.x latest, why would there be any issues? Unlike python, which loves to break language features between minor releases, and totally break them on major releases, PHP just chugs along, well designed, well maintained, and no real issues, beyond the rare move from say, mysql_ to mysqli_, which was announced and warned against for years before 7 appeared.

Since I use this stuff myself, it's made to actually work, and to never break user installs, including by pointless renamings without mapping to new names for old values, which means, the browser detection script will always drop in.

I always find it odd when more time is spent asking if something works than it takes to check to see if it works, lol.
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