Liquorix and Zen both boot to a black screen on Arch
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Sorry, if this has been asked before and I missed it searching, but on the latest Arch based build of GZLx, I get a black screen with a blinking cursor on the top left when it boots up. I can Ctrl/Alt/F2 to get to a terminal window, but i can't get any type of gui to open. I'm assuming its an nvidia driver issue. But how do I go about fixing it? I really want to run this kernel but all kernels besides the stock arch kernel boot the black screen.
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Of course it's a driver issue, the issue being that you don't have nvidia properly installed and configured. This has NOTHING to do with liquorix. Note, in the old days, I used to actually walk people through the same boring set of steps required to fix driver issues, then I got sick of it, scripted it all in sgfxi, which still works in at least debian, maybe ubuntu. Haven't tested in arch for years, so it probably does not work in arch any longer.

Arch users should know how to fix things like non free driver issues.
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