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I would file a bug / issue report with nvidia, that's often useful.

It's entirely possible that something very subtle changed in the latest kernel vs the latest nvidia driver vs your specific hardware.

since you've already removed the variable of distro packaged driver, and are direct installing it (which is what sgfxi does, except it does more cleanup in the process than most users would think to do), just install the failed driver again, then generate the bug report, then remove it. sgfxi makes this process trivial, as an aside, but doing it manually is fine too except for having to uninstall then reinstall the stuff manually.

It sounds to me like you've exposed a corner case in new kernel new driver that nvidia should know about.

Unlike many bug / issue processes, nvidia's actually works, is easy and downright pleasant almost to do. Free software projects could learn a thing or two from them in terms of how to do it right, in fact, that was one of my main inspiration, make it so simple for users to do that they would actually do it.
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