Why is Windows so bad? Interview with MS IT guy says it all
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There was just an interview with MS's main IT guy, you can read the whole thing here. But you don't need to, this one quote says it all. MS simply is as a corporation unable to grasp the concept of interoperability, multi platform computing. Given that this is one of the main sources of MS alpha and beta testing [the MS network, that is], it's unlikely MS's abysmal performance with competing OS's and software products is likely to ever change.
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Do you use any Linux?
As a policy, I don't run anything that competes with Microsoft. My goal is to make sure Microsoft products are the best products in the world. It's an easy choice for me, in that sense--to run Microsoft technology. We don't run Unix. We don't run Linux. We don't run Oracle. We're 100 percent Windows, SQL Server.

This is simply pathetic. And will do nothing to ever allow MS to open their eyes to the fact that maybe, just maybe, they aren't making the best server stuff in the world. With this kind of internal corporate yes-man see no evil type thinking, MS can only continue to maintain their blindness to the strengths of other systems, and the desirability of having choice and variety in the world's computing environment. Choice is good, monopolies are bad. It's very simple.

However, we'd like to encourage them to continue hiring dolts like this, it will make them even more blissfully unaware of what's happening in the rest of the computing world. And by all means keep believing their products are the absolute best, there's nothing like an enemy who underestimates their opponents, it's a sure fire way to beat them.
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