How to change default folder location in Outlook
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Outlook defaults to typically lame Microsoft paths. If you want to keep your email off your primary data drive, this is how you change the paths. There are several, depending on how many outlook pst folders you've created. This information came from a thread on devshed forums.
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1 Create a new delivery location for incoming mail. You have to do this in order to keep Outlook happy.

• Temporarily disable Send&Receive before doing this if you want to be able to delete the file in a few minutes. Otherwise your new emails will accumulate here.
• Go to Tools > E-Mail Accounts… > View or change existing email accounts.
At the bottom of the dialogue, where it says “Deliver new email to the following location”, click on “New Outlook Data File” and create a new delivery location. Name it whatever you want. I just used it as a temporary placeholder to make Outlook happy, so I named it “Temp Location”.

2 In the “Data Files…” dialogue (Tools > Options… > Mail Setup > Data Files…), select the original .pst file. Click “Open Folder” to view the file in Windows Explorer. Leave the Windows Explorer window alone for now and click “Remove” in the Outlook Data Files window. This will take the .pst file off of Outlook’s list but will not delete the actual file.

3 Quit Outlook. In Windows Explorer, rename, move, or delete the old .pst file. Just rename it or move it if you want to save a copy. Delete it if you are sure you don’t want any of your old mail.

4 Restart outlook. It will warn you that your original .pst file could not be found. You will be provided with a dialogue window for locating or creating one. In that dialogue, browse to wherever you want to keep your .pst file and name it whatever you want. I just went to C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\ (the location of the original file) and created a new file named outlook.pst. That way, except for the backup copy of my old .pst file, everything looks pretty much the same as it did before I tampered with it.

These directions are for creating a new blank file, if you are just going to move the locations, you can skip creating the temp file I think.
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