XFCE4 compatible moonphase system tray plugin for 32 and 64 bit
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I've been pining for a few things in my XFCE desktop, but first and above all, it's a moonphase panel / system tray plugin.

After searching around a bit, I found moonphase on sourceforge. It's not a very active project, but then again, it probably doesn't need to be since stuff like this only requires updates now and then, mainly for the toolkit.

There's now two ways of installing moonphase.

Liquorix repos
Damentz, of Liquorix, has been nice enough to package moonphase and add it to his repos.

If you run current ubuntu release, not LTS, or Debian Sid / Testing, you can just add his repos.

:: Code ::
# liqurox uses secure https for its repos, so first make sure you have the apt https lib installed
apt-get install apt-transport-https
# then add his repos if you don't have them:
echo 'deb http://liquorix.net/debian sid main' > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/liquorix.list
apt-get update
apt-get install liquorix-keyring # type y to accept non authenticated sources
## then install moonphase:
apt-get install --no-install-recommends moonphase-qt

Make SURE you use --no-install-recommends or you could end up with a ton of packages

Manual install, good for older Debian's or Ubuntu LTS releases
I've uploaded two deb installer files, unit193 created the 64 bit one, so you can trust it, assuming the source is clean, heh.

Note a few things about the package.

1. It's QT 4, which means you need to have QT 4 libraries installed.
2. there is a dependency, at least one: libqt4-network
if your system is missing it, just install it before or after the moonphase deb install, and the install will complete without issues.
3. You have to install the deb manually with dpkg. That's easy. Download the deb file, save it, then cd to the location it is:

:: Code ::
# make sure to use: --no-install-recommends to avoid debian apt trying to pull in all of kde
apt-get --no-install-recommends libqt4-network
dpkg -i moonphase-qt_0.4.1-1_amd64.deb
# then on the off chance there are missing dependencies, do:
apt-get install -f

And that's it.

Starting moonphase up

To activate it, it won't be in your options for adding a panel item, but you just start it from your programs menu, accessories option, Moon Phase (QT) you'll see.

After you click that, the moonphase plugin will appear in your xfce system tray. It stays running when you logout so nothing else is required.
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Great information... Thanks a lot for sharing.
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