Setting up XFCE
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Ok, so you've given up on KDE and Gnome, and are ready to get back to a light, fast, powerful, efficient, desktop, that doesn't feel like a horrifyingly bad copy of someone's idea of a monster child of OSX and Windows.

You've installed the base packages, and are now looking to fine tune your setup.

Note that one of the costs of being light, fast, yet feature filled, is that some configurations are more difficult to do out of the box, but don't worry, most of them can be done.

Lightdm login users list
First, you're using lightdm, which is a fine dm login manager for xfce, one I recommend.

You want your username to be automatically entered so you don't have to type it.

Simple. Open the file


Go down the file contents until you get to:

:: Code ::
# greeter-hide-users=false
## uncomment it, so it looks like this:

save the file (you need to be root to edit it, of course), then restart lightdm.

Un-comment it, make sure the value is false.


Next you will want a fine collection of screensavers. You can select which to use later, but for now, install (this is debian, and ubuntu is probably the same):

:: Code ::
apt-get install xscreensaver xscreensaver-data-extra xscreensaver-gl xscreensaver-gl-extra

Once you install them, go to xfce settings manager, screensavers, and pick your screen saver options, either random, or use one. With random you can check/uncheck which screensavers to use as the random pool.

Panel Clock

The defaults for the xfce clock display are pretty boring, but you can customize them.

Read this for more on how to format digital clock display: clock formatting code and here for a list of the specific formatting options

Widget 'Clock', layout Digital, Clock options format: custom format:

:: Code ::
<span font_desc="LIberation Mono bold 13.5" color="#0AFFF3">%H:%M:%S</span>%n%Y-%m-%d

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