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I've forked version 2.5 (2002 release) of htmlMimeEmail in order to maintain its functionality while updating to current PHP standards.

The fork is a mixture of the 2.5 and 5.0 (2005) release, and is drop in compatible with the original 2002 code and syntax.

Because of this combination, I'm calling the new fork:


The file names are the same as the originals so you don't need to change anything, or change your original syntax.

Access the newly updated htmlMimeMail3 PHP emailer class using one of these two options:

1: github htmlMimeMail3

2: download tar.gz of htmlMimeMail3

Two methods in version 5 are different from 2.5, so you'd need to update your code there. I'm hoping to eventually blend in the version 5 attachment/image methods so that version 3 runs both the 2.5 and 5.0 syntax without complaining.

See the README on github for more details.

this fixes all kinds of PHP errors when you try to run the original code on current PHP versions.

This fork will attempt to maintain API compatibility with the 2.5 release, and may also add API compatibility with the 5.0 release, though that would be harder.

This venerable project had not seen an update since 2005, and that update actually broke some core functionality I needed, so I decided to fork the 2002 version instead, and update that codebase to work on modern PHP without complaints.

If you liked the original htmlMimeMail you will like this one too.

Since this is being used in real production servers, it will be maintained as long as those websites are running.

Tested on php 5.3 and 5.6, and everything works fine. Since 5.6 PHP shows no deprecation warnings etc I assume this will also work on PHP 7 but I have not tested that yet.[/url]
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