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Satisfy your inner geek, and learn something in the process. The following websites are worth taking a look at before you make your next major hardware purchase:
Computer Hardware Websites
  • Probably the best single hardware website out there, run by a German guy. Very good mobo studies here, along with anything else that they like.
  • More fun hardware reading.
  • Another one that's been around a long time, well worth a look.

Computer Hardware Readings

Hardware Specifications
  • Home of the Serial ATA specifications. In case you're wondering, standard IDE drives are PATA, parallel ATA.
  • This is a great site, filled with all the information, faqs, and whatever else you want to know about what makes hard drives tick. Learn what ATA, SATA, IDE, DMA, UDMA, and all those other fun terms actually mean. If only all sites were this good.

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