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It would be nice if the video driver installer gave you a choice of Nvidia drivers. In my case, the script only offers the 352 driver. For some reason, that driver locks up the system, and I can't even boot to "recovery" mode. There is a newer 353 driver which may or may not fix the problem with the 352 driver. And, there are also a number of older drivers, like the 346 which I finally got installed.

For the moment, my copy of the Liquorix kernel is unusable because it is trying to use the 352. But, my Debian kernel is using the 346 and boots just fine.

346 is registered with DKMS, so I suppose that when Liquorix updates again, then DKMS will build the 346 module, and I'll be able to boot it again.

SGFXI barfed when I asked it to build the module for all kernels on the system.

When I have more time, later this week, I'll try again to build that module.
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sgfxi -o [any driver]

sgfxi -Ld

list of all current live drivers in live inxi (not your local version that is, which may not have been updated)

The sgfxi -! 40 can only be used with one driver across all kernels, period.

I'm a little rusty, but if you do, say:

sgfxi -o 346.82 -! 40

and if that driver is already installed, then the loop will use that driver, but the order is important, -! 40 has to the last thing.

I could be wrong on that, it's been a while since I tried that.

Although it runs in a loop so if one kernel fails, it will still install the driver to the others.

So these issues are all long ago resolved.

353. is not yet listed on nvidia's driver page. raw.githubusercontent.com/aaronp24/nvidia-versions/master/nvidia-versions.txt

which is what I use to get latest nvidia version numbers. sometimes they forget to add a driver for a day or two, but usually it's updated promptly.
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