is there a smxi script for intel wireless ac 7265?
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Updated stock 3.16 kernel with liquorix 4.0 kernel and wifi stopped working. Looking for a solution obviously.
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the solution with linux is never removing a kernel until you know for sure that everything works on the new one.

Basically you should always have at least two installed:

1. last known good
2. current, but you can't know it is actually good until quite a while, so that's why you always keep the last one.

If you are just blindly installing the latest always and removing the old ones before determining that the new one is fully functional, then that's an error in method and use, and you should correct it so you don't get stuck with such situations in the future.

There's really no reason to remove old kernels in general except for housekeeping and keeping stuff from getting cluttered, I usually have between 3 and 5 installed, particularly on laptops where things often stop working for some major kernel releases, then may start to work, so I keep the one where everything works, then install the new ones until one has everything working again.

smxi has older kernels in its archived kernels, usually I have the latest liquorix from the previous major versions there, for precisely such issues.

Note that with frozen pool releases, like debian stable and ubuntu long term support releases, the gcc versions will be out of date when new stable is released and starts getting old right away. liquorix is usually based on the current gcc from debian testing and ubuntu current release if I remember right, whichever version is older. But as with kernels, there is very little real reason to remove older gcc versions, they don't hurt the system particularly.

As a reminder, with new kernels, you have a range of options, release to release.

1. bugs that affected you got fixed, and nothing else broke
2. something stops working that was working
3. nothing in particular changes for your system.
4. some bugs got fixed, but other things broke

this is particularly relevant with major releases, like 3.18->3.19->4.0 because core things can change, and do. And it's particularly relevant with laptops, which are often full of proprietary stuff that may not be well tested.

So the answer if you are following good procedures to your question is: post a bug report with liquorix in case it's a known issue, post your:
inxi -nbxxx output so damentz can easily see your wifi stuff if inxi picks it up, then remove the new kernel and go back to the last known good one.
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