sgfxi -- syntax error near unexpected token `>'
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I'm sort of reporting this issue second hand.

In a thread at the Mepis forum,, a user tried to run sgfxi. It failed to start. Instead it emitted the following error message:
:: Code ::
root@MicroOne:/usr/local/bin# sgfxi -z -o 11-1
/usr/local/bin/sgfxi: line 6404: syntax error near unexpected token `>'
/usr/local/bin/sgfxi: line 6404: `                              unzip -l ./$downloadPackage &>>$LOG_FILE || extractError="$?"'

The poster is using an old Lenny based version of Mepis, SimplyMepis 8.0.

I don't know if you would want to fix this or not since the error occurs on what's pretty much an obsolete o.s., but I thought I would at least inform you of the error.
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Almost certainly a failed download of sgfxi.

All you have to do to test latest sgfxi is this:

as root, do: sgfxi -U
then as user, do: sgfxi
or as root, doesn't matter.

you can do in this in X

It's very simple, if there is a bug in the code, sgfxi will not run, if there isn't, it will run, and will show whatever messages it generates based on what you did.

Errors like this are almost certainly failed downloads, incomplete, or failed filesystem.
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