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There are some very good networking tools available. Give them a try.
System Tools
  • NMap. The father of them all, a great network scanner for establishing the security of your network configuration. Scans open ports and much more. The linux version is better than the Windows version, for obvious reasons.
  • Ethereal. Network protocol and activity analyzer.

System Commands
  • Windows: command line:
    requires command line arguments, eg:
    ipconfig /all
    returns all ip configuration for host.
  • Linux, Windows: command line:
    ping domainname or IP address
    ex: ping
    returns ip address of domain name, time to connect. Tests if connections are working to other machines.
  • Windows: command line:
    traces route to ip or domain name. eg:
    returns the network paths followed from your machine to the server.
  • Linux: command line:
    ex: traceroute
    Much faster than the windows version, may require installing the traceroute utility.

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