[Solved] FYI:apt-get dist-upgrade segmentation fault
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Using my favourite script for that, smxi, I ran into a major problem. Without doing anything it claimed a segmentation fault (short general statement no indication as to what the problem was) and stopped. Thinking it maybe a smxi problem I got out of it and ran apt-get dist-upgrade. There came the same error (of course as that is where smxi go that error).
My sincere apologies for not getting exact coding (I am currently using the windows version of a dual boot and I was working at init 3 and have been busy trying to get things running).
I then proceeded to just apt-get install and checking on d-u to see if there were any changes.
After going through about 1200 of 1400 packages I hit on the bad guy. network-manager was the package. Forced a removal of sysvinit-core (not sure if critical or not, but can not find anything broken) installed it. Went back to apt-get dist-upgrade and all packages there were on the list for removal/new/upgrade got done. Everything appears to be working.
If sysvinit-core is critical can someone please tell me. Thanks.
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sysvinit-core I am not positive about but if your system is using systemd then sysvinit will just be legacy. If it is not using systemd, removing sysv would of course make the system unbootable, I think.

I heard some rumors about network-manager causing problems but I have't had time to actually track these issues due to work demands.
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