smxi internet connection trouble.
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To start. My MB blew up. Now have a new machine. Still can use HD which is running debian unstable. Of course with a new video card need to update everything. My preference is smxi. Run it, says no internet connection. So I ping my router. No trouble. Ping (google) No trouble, 60-70ms average. Go back to smxi still no connection. Try apt-get it cannot find anyone.
Is there something I can do to get connected, or at least give me a clue as to what the issue is?
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Run: inxi -ixx

to see your hardware and IP data.

smxi isn't lying to you, if it can't get the connection, it can't get it.

If inxi shows your WAN ip as N/A then you have none.

Usually with a mobo replacment you have to dump the networking file in /etc/udev/rules.d/ if it's present, then reboot and the system will create a new one, unless that's changed.

That's actually one of the only things you need to do on a mobo replacement with linux of any type.

Or you can run Ceni to make sure the networking stuff is working as you expected.
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