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I know there are unknown issues with nouveau/radeon kms in ubuntu, which I believe are caused by something non regular, and my guess is lmde pulls that in from ubuntu mint, which creates a big mess of course in terms of debugging.

Only with full data outputs at every stage can this ever be resolved, it has never been resolved to date, I have seen people doing a silly work around with sgfxi to get around it, instead of just figuring the damned cause of it out once and for all and providing me with the required full data set. But that requires knowing the system enough to know what is different.

For example, there could be a hack in nouveau that shoves it in no matter what unless you pass it a non standard flag to force it to not load, but again, i cannot tell, I have seen that a large number of lmde users are running sgfxi so it could be a corner case as well, I really can't say.

Again, i want to note, lmde included sgfxi as a default tool without ever talking to me, checking to see that all works as expected, didn't ask if htere were issues that might turn up. Had they asked, I would have told them supporting mint/lmde has always been a real pain because of unknown differences in how kms is handled, at least, possibly other thingis, but as noted, the differences are unknown to me, but not to someone who actually knows how the system is built, and that is the person who should be talking to me, because they can answer the questions on a technical level. sgfxi supports debian, it tries to support ubuntu, but I don't run ubuntu or lmde/mint so any differences there have to be figured out after the fact.
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