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Hi guys
Is it possible to send the whole "Your computer box" ( by mail?

OS and Browser is easy but what about Cookies and Javascript? Would be quite useful for debugging. So we just could send a link to our customer who has a problem on a website and we would automatically get all browser information.

Thanks in advance
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You'd need to convert the javascript components to add ajax, then send all the data to a database, then have that email you.

In other words, you have the stuff in php already, that forms the body of the db entry, actually it would not even need a db at that step since it can all be emailed without a db, but the js stuff would have to be either entered into a db via ajax, or it would have to be sent to a parsing page using query strings.

The other way you can do it is to give all the data to javascript and have javascript post all the data in form fields to a php page that then takes the form fields and emails them, that's fairly easy to do too, and skips the complexity of ajax and databases.

None of this is within the design parameters of the free script however, so you'd do that on your end. It is an interesting application, though I think I'd skip using the your computer info except for the basic logic maybe, I'd rather just get the data from php browser detection directly, add the javascript data.

Except for the screen resolution, in fact, you can skip javascript altogether except for having it autosubmit a form, then set the cookie on the first page, and check for the cookie on the second, the one that actually processes and sends the data.

And if you had the users click the form button, you wouldn't even need that step scripted.

There's a lot of ways you can do it.
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