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:: techAdmin wrote ::
patch added to sgfxi, the patch applies fine, so if it works, it will work.

Note that every time you reinstall the driver you will need to force the driver reinstall, not just let the module rebuild.

It's odd to me that after all these years people still aren't aware that sgfxi is built to do all of the driver install, including patches.

It worked. One thing I did this time to avoid module unloading errors (like drm) was to boot into recovery mode/no X to run sgfxi. The only issue I had was that on reboot, my system got stuck at my lightdm login, and I had to hard reboot. I've has this issue before and have added myself in sudoers through visudo. My auth.log used to get huge, and it happened again this time - it grew by 26 MB. This was the only hiccup since adding myself as a superuser. I don't think it's a sgfxi issue.

This was a fresh install of the new driver, so I did not force it - I assumed that your warning was for re-installation of this 13.12 driver. Is the force command sgfxi -! ? Is the reason for having to do this related to the patch?

I knew you patched, but did not know your protocol. That patch was located at an Ubuntu URL.

All's well. Thanks for working on this.
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Since patching is fairly routine, sadly, for drivers, sgfxi long ago added patch support as part of the install process.

The steps are, to keep it simple:

assemble driver file name/download path



patch, if needed - patching, since it's patching the actual installer itself, only works when it's a install/reinstall, not a basic module rebuild, which bypasses that step. I may have to see if I can force reinstalls for various kernel/driver combinations however if amd's very long release cycle is ongoing as a policy on their part.

preinstall cleanup, remove old drivers, etc.

Actually maybe fglrx always reinstalls the driver, now that I think of it, maybe only nvidia makes the modules, I can't remember.

sgfxi -f overrides the rebulld module only part.

for nvidia, the logic is easy, check if driver is present, if so, and if new kernel witout module, build module, otherwise reinstall driver.

I test all patches since the stuff online tends to be unusable in its raw form, once the patch is tested to work and patch without errors, I upload it and sgfxi uses that patch. Best patch sources are usually arch linux, also the nvidia forums. fglrx patches vary.

Amd literally just forgot to patch their installer package, this stuff was working in 13.11 beta drivers, no patches needed. 'Just forgot' is very telling, it shows just how low priority linux is for amd now, and how little testing they do before a release.
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